Tips to Remodel Your Small Bathroom for a Better Appearance

Are you renovating your bathroom area? If you tend to have a small bathroom space, it might appear increasingly challenging to accommodate all possible items in the available space. In addition to the small space accommodation, cost-effectiveness is yet another factor that most of the homeowners have to deal with. The extra pressure of working upon a tiny space is what makes the bathroom renovation a highly intimidating task.

Even after several challenges, you can still manage to make your bathroom appear highly welcoming and attractive with some pro ideas. Here are some of the ways in which you can remodel your smaller bathroom in an interesting manner:

  • Install the Corner Sink: Sometimes the presence of a pedestal sink in your bathroom could disrupt the overall traffic making the space appear immensely clumsy. In such a case, you can consider installing a corner sink adjacent to the toilet. This works better than placing your sink across the shower area. When you have places the sink in the corner of your bathroom, you are left with abundant space to renovate the available space innovatively.


  • Allow Natural Light: If you wish to visually create the impression of a larger bathroom, lighting plays a vital role. If you do not have the luxury of installing an external window in the bathroom, you can think about implementing a simple skylight setup that can help in basking the space with abundant natural light. In addition to creating the illusion of increased surface area, this technique also helps in alleviating the overall appearance of your bathroom area.


  • Install Sliding Doors: The sliding doors work the best for the smaller bathrooms wherein opening & closing standard doors might be a headache. This will free up a lot of the internal space and will create ample scope for a lot of remodeling applications towards enhancing the overall décor of your small-sized bathroom.


  • Extend the Counter Over the Toilet: This typical banjo-style interior arrangement in your bathroom can help in creating more space & storage. This can be done by making use of a wooden or stone slab right above your toilet. The extended counter will help in creating just needed space for placing a few important items. With the toilet placement not being affected, this setup creates a clean & minimalist look.


  • Skip the Shower Door: Instead, place a textured mirrored or glass pane as a separation in your bathroom. If your bathroom space is small enough to just accommodate toilet & a small tub or shower area, then you should consider installing a glass panel instead of a glass or plain door. This will help in keeping most of the water in the shower area and will also increase the available space in the bathroom.


Make these simple renovations to your bathroom area to enhance the overall space as well as decor of the available space.