Commercial Kitchen Renovation Trends

Looking forward to renovating your commercial kitchen? Cleaning and maintaining a restaurant commercial kitchen might seem an overwhelming task. If you wish to ensure that your restaurant business is lucrative, it is vital that you pay attention to the kitchen area as well. Towards keeping up with the modern commercial kitchen trends, you can consider bringing about some effective commercial kitchen renovation strategies.

The commercial kitchens have changed a lot in the recent times. If you wish to ensure the best results for your commercial kitchen business, here are some innovative remodeling trends that you must consider making use of:

  • Installation of Smart Kitchens: While smart kitchens might have made their ways into residential kitchens, the commercial kitchens are also becoming smarter day-by-day. By making use of the innovative, cutting-edge technology, you can optimize a wide range of activities taking place in & around the commercial kitchens.


For instance, the modern, smart refrigerators can alert you when the particular grocery items might be running low. A coffee maker might be programmed to make instant coffees as per the customized requirements of the customers. There can also be installed a smart gadget that can effectively monitor the eggs –telling which ones are good or bad.


  • Effective Storage Solutions: While storage might be an important factor in most of the residential kitchens, the commercial kitchens have major storage requirements. Towards satisfying the diverse demands of the customers, the commercial kitchens are expected to be stocked As such, there is a great demand for ensuring effective storage solutions in commercial kitchens.


If you are considering installing the functional kitchen setup in your renovated restaurant kitchen, the overall kitchen storage is a major foundation. Towards countering the respective storage challenges in the commercial kitchen, you can start looking for effective storage solutions within the cabinetry of the kitchen space. These might include drawer dividers for utensils & cutlery, small appliances, tray dividers, and so more.


  • New Styles & Preferences for Appliances: There is no denying the fact that appliances may have a major role in enhancing the overall efficiency of the commercial kitchens. When your kitchen is going to face the revolution, the appliances should not be left behind. Know about the best-in-class kitchen appliances out there for your restaurant kitchen and make way for installing them in the available kitchen space.

Make the most of the latest commercial kitchen trends!

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Tips to Remodel Your Small Bathroom for a Better Appearance

Are you renovating your bathroom area? If you tend to have a small bathroom space, it might appear increasingly challenging to accommodate all possible items in the available space. In addition to the small space accommodation, cost-effectiveness is yet another factor that most of the homeowners have to deal with. The extra pressure of working upon a tiny space is what makes the bathroom renovation a highly intimidating task.

Even after several challenges, you can still manage to make your bathroom appear highly welcoming and attractive with some pro ideas. Here are some of the ways in which you can remodel your smaller bathroom in an interesting manner:

  • Install the Corner Sink: Sometimes the presence of a pedestal sink in your bathroom could disrupt the overall traffic making the space appear immensely clumsy. In such a case, you can consider installing a corner sink adjacent to the toilet. This works better than placing your sink across the shower area. When you have places the sink in the corner of your bathroom, you are left with abundant space to renovate the available space innovatively.


  • Allow Natural Light: If you wish to visually create the impression of a larger bathroom, lighting plays a vital role. If you do not have the luxury of installing an external window in the bathroom, you can think about implementing a simple skylight setup that can help in basking the space with abundant natural light. In addition to creating the illusion of increased surface area, this technique also helps in alleviating the overall appearance of your bathroom area.


  • Install Sliding Doors: The sliding doors work the best for the smaller bathrooms wherein opening & closing standard doors might be a headache. This will free up a lot of the internal space and will create ample scope for a lot of remodeling applications towards enhancing the overall décor of your small-sized bathroom.


  • Extend the Counter Over the Toilet: This typical banjo-style interior arrangement in your bathroom can help in creating more space & storage. This can be done by making use of a wooden or stone slab right above your toilet. The extended counter will help in creating just needed space for placing a few important items. With the toilet placement not being affected, this setup creates a clean & minimalist look.


  • Skip the Shower Door: Instead, place a textured mirrored or glass pane as a separation in your bathroom. If your bathroom space is small enough to just accommodate toilet & a small tub or shower area, then you should consider installing a glass panel instead of a glass or plain door. This will help in keeping most of the water in the shower area and will also increase the available space in the bathroom.


Make these simple renovations to your bathroom area to enhance the overall space as well as decor of the available space.

The Top Home Remodeling Trends to Watch For in 2018

Home Remodeling Trends for 2018

Whether you just bought a new house or you’re remodeling your own, the home improvement process can be an overwhelming task at times simply because of the number of possible options at your disposal.  Should you redo the kitchen?  Should you renovate the bathroom?  To help you decide, here are the top home remodeling trends to watch for in 2018.

The Modern Kitchen

The latest trend in kitchen remodeling is creating an open floor plan. This is where the kitchen transitions into the living or dining areas with nothing in between, as opposed to traditional style kitchen layouts that are more closed off and contain clear delineation that separates each room.  In addition to being more inviting, the modern kitchen has custom cabinetry from floor to ceiling.  This allows for extra storage, while creating more space for the family. It’s also typical to have a custom island countertop made of stone, marble, quartz, granite, or limestone; the price you pay will vary greatly depending on your choice.  The last major element of the contemporary look are colors that contrast, such as black and white.  The cabinets are walls are usually white, while the appliances and center island are black.  Visit for more ideas on kitchen remodeling and modern designs.

The Bathroom Renovation

One of the biggest problems with older homes is the size of the bathroom.  The first thing you see when you open the door tends to be the toilet.  This is bad Feng Shui and it also makes the bathroom feel small.  One of the trends to look out for this year is bathroom remodels aimed at making tiny bathrooms appear bigger.  There are several ways to do this.  First, add more light.  If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, add one and remove anything blocking light from getting in.  Second, switch to lighter colors like white and beige; these create the appearance of a larger space.  Third, add a big mirror to make the space look like it doubled in size.  Finally, consider adding a walk-in shower.  Although the installation may be expensive, it opens the floor by removing the tub element of the older shower that tends to stick out.

Refreshing the Patio

Another hot trend in home renovation is the patio.  Families and friends have always enjoyed some quality time together, and what better opportunity to hang out than on a freshly updated patio.  With July 4th coming up, this outdoor area is the perfect one to work on.  Most newer homes have a sliding door that enable people to walk directly onto the patio from the back of the house.  The patio itself is usually made of stone or concrete.  However, the latest trend is to use pavers to build it.  Then, add the other necessities, such as a George Foreman grill, some lounge chairs, a chimenea, and of course, citronella candles to keep the bugs away.

The Colorful Landscape

An often-forgotten part of home remodeling is the landscape of the yard.  The latest trend is having a perfectly trimmed green lawn, leading up to a shaped area of plants that starts near the walkway and wraps around the side of the house.  Homeowners can install plants such as the Quartz Rose Verbena or the Fireworks Goldenrod to add color to the area; these plants are very low maintenance, but still provide natural beauty.  It’s also common to have trees of some sort.  Adding a maple tree or even a crab apple tree on the edge of the house are great options.  Keep in mind however that the tree will need to stay trimmed, so it doesn’t overgrow and ruin the look of the landscape work.

beautiful Quartz Rose Verbena

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at the top remodeling trends to look out for in 2018.  Remember that there are endless options to consider and you have all the time in the world to decide.  Don’t be afraid to take a risk and try something new with your renovation project.  You might stumble onto the next trend!

3 Creative Ways to De-clutter Your Home

The overall idea of a simplified, uncluttered life might entice many. However, it turns out to be an equally overwhelming task to maintain a de-cluttered home environment for several homeowners out there. De-cluttering your house might turn to be a major challenge, especially if you lead a highly hectic life schedule. Still, with some right steps and tactics, de-cluttering your home can be an easy task if you come up with some creative ideas.

For your ease, we have made a tailored list of the best creative ideas for de-cluttering your home in the most simplified manner:

Set Daily Goals:

If you are looking forward to de-cluttering your entire home, then it cannot be achieved in a day. Therefore, you must begin with setting daily goals for cleaning and organizing different areas of your home separately. To start off with, you can begin with cleaning your bedroom first. You can set priorities in any way you like and then, set out to de-clutter that portion of the house diligently. By setting daily goals, you are stepping forward to your organized home sooner and in an effective manner.

Create a Specialized Sorting System:

As you would go through different rooms and sections of your house, you would need to devise a proper sorting system or plan. De-cluttering always starts with sorting things and putting them in an arranged manner to the appropriate places. For sorting your home, you can plan out your own method. You can also utilize the famous “3 Box” sorting method that involves labeling three separate boxes as Keep, Toss, and Store. When you are aware of what you wish to keep, toss away, or store in your storeroom, organizing your home becomes a step simpler.


Get Rid of the Excess Clutter:

Decluttering itself implies eliminating the clutter or unwanted items out of your home to create space for new ones. There are several ways that you can implement to get rid of the excess clutter in your home right away:

  1. Recycle: When you do not need extra clothing or items that can be recycled, it is better to put them to the required use. Try recycling as many as items as possible including newspapers, glass or metal bottles, clothing, electronic items, and so more. This can help in substantially reducing the storage issues in your home naturally.
  2. Donate: If recycling might not be an option for you, donating items can also be considered. The items that you no longer would be using personally or in your home can be donated away to those who might be in shortage of the same. This act will also instill a sense of gratitude and helpfulness in you.
  3. Shop Wisely:The final step towards keeping your home organized and clean is to shop wisely and avoid buying items that you might dispose off too soon. You should aim at being a smart buyer and should buy only those items that you need dearly.

Make the most of the tips to declutter your home!

5 Home Remodeling Options To Consider

home remodeling project Portland OR

Home remodeling is something that every homeowner tackles at least once in their lifetime.  Whether you’ve recently purchased a home and you’re bored with your home decor, or you’re simply looking for a fresh start, a well-thought out renovation can do the trick.  Below are the most common interior and exterior areas of the house that you may want to consider updating.

Interior Home Remodeling

The Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is very popular because it’s one of the first things people notice when they set foot in your home, and it’s also either the spot or close to the location where people spend most of their time, typically the living room.  Renovating a kitchen is especially popular among homeowners with an open floor plan because everything is visible, and the kitchen feels closer to the other living spaces.

The first thing you need to consider when designing your kitchen is its function.  If you’re looking to save space, you might consider a one-wall kitchen layout.  If you’re looking for visual appeal, you could install a nice island instead.  Our best advice is to keep it simple.

Hop online and do some research on popular kitchen layouts; HGTV is a good place to start because that’s one of the primary focuses of their channel.

Other design elements you’ll want to consider are:

  • Contemporary or modern design
  • Size and color of the cabinetry
  • Lighting
  • Countertop

The Bathroom

Although it may sound funny, our days begin in the bathroom.  We shower, shave, bathe and prepare for the day from this one spot that the whole family shares.  And the most common reason for wanting to remodel a bathroom is lack of space.  We spend a lot of time there, but we bump into things and there’s never enough storage to fit all the amenities we need. Here are some things to consider updating during your bathroom remodeling project:

  • Lighting
  • Faucets and shower head
  • Tub and shower
  • Cabinets
  • Tile
  • Paint scheme
  • Windows

For a simple, modern look, simply updating the lights to white LED’s and adding more natural light from windows can have a huge impact.  If your bathroom remodeling budget is a little larger, you can create a walk-in shower, put up a wall-hanging toilet, and install under counter cabinetry to give the illusion of more space.  A light color paint scheme can help as well.

Exterior Home Remodeling

The Garden

Treat your family and guests to a welcoming garden with colorful flowers and plants.  Flowers like the Petunia, Snapdragon, Lily-of-the-Nile, and ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ roses are great additions for a stunning look of natural beauty.  Although it’s not quite as visually appealing, you can also plant fruits and vegetables in the garden as well.

The Fire Pit

Consider developing a creative outdoor living area with a fire pit, where you can sit and relax for hours.  This type of setup usually involves a grill and lots of seating, allowing you to cook for your guests and host parties.

The Roof

Roof remodeling is typically only used when a roof has been damaged.  However, consider for a moment, two other possibilities – (1) energy savings with solar panel installation and (2) creating a space for star gazing.

The average electrical bill in Portland, Oregon was $113 in 2017.  Solar panel installation can be expensive, but there are also government incentives to encourage solar use.  Instead of relying on the electrical grid, cover your roof with a solar panel array.  They use photovoltaic technology to collect and store energy that your home can use.  Not only will you be “going green” and minimizing your environmental impact, but you’ll save money on your bill too.

You can also remodel your roof for vanity-based reasons, such as a flat space on the back of the roof to stargaze.  This option isn’t a DIY project; you’ll need a professional roofing company.  But, consider the benefits.  On a warm summer night, when the sky is clear, you and a guest or two can lie back on lounge chairs above the trees and watch the beautiful starry sky.

First of Many

We’ve finally got our website up and running and we’re excited for what the future holds.  We’ll be covering everything home, from remodeling to renovation, tips and tricks, and more.  Stay tuned for our first in-depth post.